Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love


So much to fit into so many hours. Up until just recently, I was usually super busy on Saturdays, having to work every other weekend at a local hospital. I made a leap of faith. My leap was to step away from a solid, stable job I loved to staying home most days with my kids.... Something I have never done. My faith was to trust that life/fate/(insert religious icon here) would take care of me. Because of this leap, my Saturdays are much, much different. No longer rushed to squeeze in everything, I can sit back and relax. Though we still have plenty to do, it seems so much easier to enjoy the time.

Saturdays have gotten a lot better. :)

The funny thing is, I never expected to see such a change in myself. My really, really true self that I have neglected to acknowledge for years now. I have always been creative. Art was something I excelled at. Music, too. Even more important, those were the things that brought me daily joy and peace. Somewhere along the lines of growing up and being responsible, I forgot about those things. The leap brought those back to me. (ah ha! That's the change...) I have passion, patience, and creativity again. I had to buy a journal to write all of my ideas down into - they just keep coming!

Peace. With myself as a mother, knowing I am there for my kids anytime. Peace with myself. For being myself.

It is a wonderful thing. I'm so glad I jumped.

Other things I LOVE this saturday:

Smelling my babies heads.

Twitter. Haha.

Fall flowers.

Golden Oreos.

Orange. Anything Orange. The really rich orange that accompanies fall.

Hats with earflaps.

Morning Frost.


Helping with first grade homework.

Pressing a tiger scout uniform.

Hazel. ♥

Connecting with women photographers. We rock!

To Do lists.


Gourds, apples and pumpkins.




Orange Spice tea.


Wearing glasses.

Fall scented candles.

Brandi Carlile!!



fresh bread.

my friends.

planning to see my friends soon!

Earth day conversations.

Two year olds.


Have a beautiful day!
Oh, the fall flowers?
Here they are:

And a snap of a very proud tiger scout:

Have a great Sunday!

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